Graduate Students

Christopher Beaulieu

Christopher holds a MA in applied political studies from the University of Sherbrooke. His research interests are broadly in political sociology with a focus on youth who are politically disinterested. His thesis applied the photovoice approach (Wang & Burris 1997) to political science.

Research Team

Current Team

Thomas Gareau Paquette

Thomas is a MA student in the political science department at McGill University, He is interested in the changing nature of the determinants of Canadians' vote choice and the effect of institutions on political behavior regarding redistribution in the advanced democracies. Thomas' work for prof. Mahéo involves visualizing data, developing surveys, and managing data.

Elizabeth Hall

Elizabeth is currently finishing her last semester for the integrated economics and political science Bachelor's degree at Université Laval. Her work on the team consists of transcribing interviews and focus groups conducted for the PASI project.

Justine Béchard

Justine is currently completing a bachelor's degree in political science at Université Laval. Her research interests are diverse, having participated in various projects in both political science and industrial relations during her studies. She wants to learn more about electoral behaviour, particularly in connection with lifestyle politics. She is also interested in research and interventions in the development of sustainable health of individuals, organizations, and communities.

Marie Fester

Marie is a second-year MA student in the department of political science at McGill University. Her interests lie in international and comparative political economy as well as behavioral science. She has been a research assistant for Dr. Mahéo since 2020.

Post-doctoral fellow Department of Political Science, Concordia University

My research focuses on the psychology and politics of diversity. I study the adaptation and participation of newcomers and how the social perceptions of others influence support for the rights of minority communities. The main issues examined in my research relate to processes of inclusion and integration and the reactions of majority group members to changing diversity in their communities. I am also interested in research methods and the challenges of conducting social science research in cross-cultural settings, drawing primarily on survey and experimental methods to study public opinion and political behaviour.

Former team members

Audrey Brennan

FNRS research Fellow and PhD candidate at Université libre de Bruxelles and Université Laval. Her research focuses on the causes and consequences of political parties’ reform of leadership selection mechanisms. She favours the use of mixed-methods research protocols.Start date: Fall 2018

Philippe Chassé (MA McGill, 2019)

Geneviève Plante (BA McGill, 2014)

Tim Roy (MA, McGill, 2020)

Maria Surilas (BA McGill, 2014)